Student Support

A range of student support services are provided to students throughout the duration of their studies. These services come at no cost to the student, however if an external referral is required, the external provider of that service may charge a fee.

A Student Services Officer can be contacted for assistance and guidance on any matters from study issues and attendance through to personal problems.

Student Support AND WELFARE

Students who are facing difficulties with study or other personal issues can seek short term counseling through Student Support Services. Longer term counselling will be referred to an external counseling service which may come at a charge.

The Student Support Services staff are available to discuss physical, mental, or emotional issues that may arise for students during the course of their studies. Some of the issues which can be supported include:

  • Understanding and adapting to Australian culture
  • Coping without student’s friends and family - homesickness
  • Worries about accommodation
  • Concerns about  attendance or keeping up with studies
  • Language problems
  • Relationship problems at school, at home, or with flat-mates
  • Coping with pregnancy and support available
  • Becoming the victim of a crime or having an accident
  • Violence at home or in a relationship
  • Childcare or concerns about children
  • Drugs and alcohol issues.

Students who face any difficulties are encouraged to see a Student Services Officer for assistance and guidance. Contact go to Reception.


Language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) needs of students is an important part of ensuring successful progression through the course. Students’ LLN needs are identified at the commencement of the course and monitored throughout the duration of their studies. Trainers and assessors are conscious of each individuals learning needs in class and will adapt their training and assessment methods to suit the needs of their students. Additional LLN support will be provided to students where necessary to assist them in successfully completing their course.