Future Students

Admissions and Orientation

Entry Requirements

  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy Requirement    - Learners take PAX language, literacy and numeracy assessment before the course to identify if any LLN support is required during the course.
  • The student is an international student who is not on ‘Student Visa’.
  • Other Requirements
    • Hospitality Learners must be physically fit to carry up/lift to a maximum load of 5kgs as this may be required during the practical training;
    • Hospitality Learners must be able to handle and cook dairy products and non-vegetarian food items including but not limited to beef and pork.


1) Applicants must complete the student application form, sign and date where required and attach verified evidence of certified academic transcripts, copy of Australian Visa and copy of passport.

2) If the applicant does not have English proficiency in any English tests then two or more year’s onshore study in Australia will be an eligibility for these courses.

3) The applicant should not be on student visa and provide evidence of bridging visa which should be verified on VEVO.


1) Once an application has been thoroughly assessed an offer letter will be generated and dispatched to the student. The letter of offer has the student acceptance form.

2) The student to send the letter of offer with signed acceptance form to admissions@pax.edy.au along with the initial payment as indicated on the acceptance form.

3) Once the completed written form and the fee is received a ‘Verification of Enrolment’ (VOE) will be issued to the student.


1) An email/SMS/mail is sent to the students in advance inviting the students for Orientation and Induction. The orientation is usually scheduled a week in prior to the start intake date of the course.

2) The Orientation email comprises of information for students such as,

  • Location, date, and time of orientation;
  • What will be done on the day of orientation;
  • Requirement to bring in the original identity and qualification documents if not provided earlier;
  • Any pending initial fee information;
  • Additional Requirements.

3) All students seeking enrolment must complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test at the time of enrolment or at the time of orientation to identify their competence in literacy and numeracy levels which will highlight course suitability and or whether additional student support services are required.

4) Admissions and Administration Staff conducts the orientation.

  • Student Details Form;
  • Sighting original documents;
  • Payment plan will be provided;
  • Induction Presentation which will include Work placement information for Commercial Cookery courses;
  • Important policies and procedures will be discussed with the students in the presentation;
  • Issuing Training plans (electronically);
  • Agent feedback Survey;
  • Orientation Feedback survey;
  • Induction/Orientation Checklist.

5) Student commences study at PAX Institute of Education.