Living and Studying in MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA

Melbourne, the capital city of the southern State of Victoria, is a thriving city of 3.6 million people. As the second largest city in Australia, Melbourne prides itself on a multicultural heritage with residents from almost every part of the world. Its diversity and rich heritage can be experienced through the city’s sports, artistic, social and religious life.

As a friendly and cosmopolitan city where many different communities add to its vitality through language and food, Melbourne is a leading centre of art and culture. The city has a wealth of galleries and museums and plays host to many cultural events, exhibitions and film festivals all year round.

The close proximity of sparkling beaches, parklands, mountains and forests add to the appeal and natural beauty of Melbourne. Activities in the city encourage an outdoor lifestyle with access to world class sporting facilities and events. A sports loving city, those visiting or moving to Melbourne can easily become involved in sports such as football, swimming, tennis, golf and basketball.

In a recent international survey, Melbourne was judged one of the world’s most livable cities because of its safe and friendly environment, moderate cost of living, friendly citizens and quality infrastructure including housing, health and education services.

Melbourne is one of the most favored destinations for overseas students with an international reputation for the highest standards of education and training. Teachers are leaders in their professions, courses are closely linked to business and industry and student fees are government protected and guaranteed.